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  • February 01, 2016
  • Successive
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Successive used it’s IMPART framework to deliver this project. IMPART stands for the Innovative Mock-up based Prototype Analyzed to deliver Re-engineered Technology.

Under this framework, we work with our clients to create innovative mock up designs and then provide a prototype of the solution which is analyzed using our Intellectual property to create the right product. We have been successfully using our framework to deliver quality solutions to our clients.
We are pleased to deliver our clients’ satisfaction using our framework in some of the cases highlighted as below-

1. 4C360 was inspired by the clients of 4C Predictive Technologies and created to provide them with a 360 view of their Branch/ATM/POS network. 4C360 was able to provide a visual snapshot of crucial visit data, all in a single workspace, at the push of a button. It has grown its footprint to a total of 6 operations Kingdom wide. We used IMPART framework to deliver a first cut to the 4C Predictive Technologies team to create a common understanding of the product to be delivered and then worked on creating a prototype to achieve a final sign off from the client.

2. CREModelsTM works in the real estate sector in the US to provide data analysis on large amount of complex real estate investment information. Their primary owners are large institutional and private owners of commercial estate portfolios. Successive Software developed the “deal slammer” application using the IMPART Framework for CREModelsTM to enable easy manoeuvre for the users to prospect for real estate deals across the country.

3. A real estate directory services project is a huge database based system which was created after efforts of over 3 years by Successive Software. This is a typical case where we have done our project on the principle of IMPART framework at every stage of delivery. This has been a highlight project for Successive Software where we have handled several critical pieces of information pouring from multiple high profile institutions. The system acts as a prerequisite to decision making for stakeholders from variety industry segments.

4. Satpack Travel (South Africa) partnered with Successive Software to create a mobile application for the real time sharing of wildlife sightings by the users from their smart phones and tablets. Using Successive Software’s easy to use application design, IMPART Framework and reengineered offline map, the app secured over 23,000 downloads.

5. Perhaps the finest example to showcase the success of our IMPART Framework is SaaS based ERP which is a suite of web based tools to help organizations manage their members, employees, volunteers, mentors and contacts. The product currently offers custom websites that integrate with its People Manager, Giving Life, Mentoring, Volunteer, Forum, Shopping, Invoicing and Connect services.


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