E-Commerce: Technology Trends that will be changing the Industry

  • May 20, 2016
  • Successive
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In the last 5 years, the dynamics of retailing has completely evolved and we are observing a global phenomenon of increased E-Commerce activity. With the increased penetration of internet across the global market, companies are trying new and innovative techniques to capture a pie of the increasing market size. Technology is playing a very important role to redefine the paradigm shift in this industry and the competitive pressures is leading businesses to adopt new or cross platform strategies. This dramatic shift has now given a new perspective to the late entrants of the market that are now testing new technology avenues.

We are witnessing a wave of our customers and potential clients who are seeking ways to shift from legacy platforms to leverage the new technological advancements. Mobile is now leading the way transactions are being conducted and it is imperative for companies to tap this channel effectively. Another important aspect from a web design perspective is to ensure that the designs being created are responsive. This should be combined with the right user experience and performance which is extremely critical for the eCommerce organizations. With the increased adoption of mobile as the platform for transactions, responsive web designs serve the basic hygiene for today’s eCommerce organizations. Leaders in the industry are already advocating the need for Omni-channel Commerce an experience delivered to the users where they get an identical treatment across the channels deployed by the businesses. This will dramatically change the rules of ROI measurement and KPI tracking for the industry. With Omni-channel commerce taking center stage, businesses will be forced to adopt new methodologies to deliver services and technology will play a crucial role.

There are also certain technological challenges like data and financial security which will bring critical interventions. We can safely say that with Omni-channel commerce playing a vital role in the overall business strategy, small and medium enterprises will become a force and pose a serious threat to the established players in the market. We have already observed this trend in the developed markets and it will soon be replicated across emerging markets as well where the demand and expectations from the ever increasing market are on a high. All in all, this is a very interesting time for retail industry and the eCommerce business/channel will help evolve the entire gamut. Successive Software is helping small and medium enterprises to achieve their technology goals in this space with solutions for Omni-channel Commerce, cross platform technologies and the experience to have done it for several other customers.


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