Zend Framework for modern, high-performing PHP applications

Zend Framework for modern, high-performing PHP applications

Zend Framework is an open source PHP based framework created by the Zend Company. The Zend Framework is built on the MVC principles and contains numerous libraries that are useful for building applications. At Successive Softwares we extensively work on multiple projects that are delivered using the Zend Framework of building applications.Globally Zend Framework has a very strong backing of the PHP development community that keep growing adding value to the overall technology. Zend Framework avoids the danger of poor quality code by offering developers in built libraries written in compliance with today’s best PHP-programming techniques.

Zend framework offers a standard layout of project files, provides turnkey solutions the most common problems arising in web-programming – is cleaning and checking of input data, etc. This leads to the creation of more high-quality code and more secure applications. In addition, it should be understood that good documentation Zend Framework, allowing hassle-free to add to the project team for new developers at any stage of its implementation.

Successive recommends the implementation of Zend Framework for the PHP development as it provides high degree of efficiency and security for the applications created on this framework. All components are fully object oriented PHP 5 and are E_STRICT compliant. Successive has developed several large scale projects based on the Zend Framework which have been engaged with us for over multiple years.
Zend Framework uses concepts object oriented principles like inheritance and interfaces that helps you to extend classes indefinitely. This makes the entire development highly flexible bringing more custom and adventurous designing of applications. Zend Framework also provides you the flexibility to integrate with other libraries that we want to use with precise guidelines and standards.

We have developed SaaS applications and ERP based applications in various sectors including, insurance sector based website, realty business, and government sector institutions in Zend Framework helping us generate multiple million dollar business over the years.Today, we can proudly state that we command great command and expertise in developing challenging applications using the Zend Framework that has helped us earn the respect from our customers.


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