A question that crosses the mind of many developers and small sized companies is which language it going to be in demand in the near future? The intent of this article is not to answer this question but to specifically explore the platforms from the Microsoft stable. Over the years the technology has evolved and many new software frameworks have come to the fore, but the age old C# and .NET are still here. Microsoft is today focusing on .NET with Visual Studio.


It is perhaps a milestone moment for Microsoft. Microsoft has taken its steps towards cross platform version of .NET, the company’s flagship software development framework that primarily runs on Windows. Microsoft recently released .NET CORE runtime distribution for Mac and Linux. Microsoft also announced the availability of the full .NET Framework 4.6 RC and the .NET Core 5 Beta 4. Microsoft is continuously working and delivering on its vision to let developers build cloud applications on multiple platforms using .NET. While .NET Core OS X and Linux is implemented and supported by Microsoft, it is still developed under an open-source license itself.


We are already witnessing the kind of interest open source has been able to garner over the years and historically Microsoft has had a strong developer following. With the launch of the new cross platform .NET the software development will take a new surge in contributions from the developers worldwide. .NET cross-platform would help the company partner with additional platform and tools vendors across the industry and eventually grow the .NET ecosystem. Developers can now install and try the .NET Core support for Mac and Linux. Microsoft also hopes they might get involved in the associated open-source project.

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