HR Policies & Employee Friendliness

HR Policies & Employee Friendliness

At Successive, we believe that the assets of our organizations are the people who define what we are as an organization. Our people represent our thought process, our culture, our DNA to our clients and the world as a whole. We hence strongly believe to provide the best milieu and policies that ensures retention of good employees in our workforce and helps us to attract better talent.

Our human resource vision is to continue to evolve a service oriented environment utilizing a development-focused human resources professional team, and accept the responsibility to assess and improve our dedication to be responsive, courteous and supportive to a diverse organization through cooperation and collaboration with the prime focus of providing better to our clients.

Our mission is to develop, implement, and support programs and processes which add value to Successive Software and its employees, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention, while committed to the Successive key business drivers, its management and prosperity for its customers, employees and stakeholders.

We have a continuous focus to improve on our gender ratio and bring more empowerment to our society by improving on our women workforce count. Today we have less number of women working within our organization however; we are making strong efforts to board more female employees into the system.

On the talent acquisition front, we are planning to increase our intake from premiere colleges like Indian Institutes of Technology, National Institutes of Technology and various other reputed private institutions. We take this as a huge opportunity to have a diverse workforce that can add great momentum to the portfolio of services that we can take to the market tomorrow.

We have a culture to promote in house skill building activities by ensuring high degree of trainings through internal and external sources to bring a persistent improvement in the skill sets of our employees. These training’s include technical knowhow to behavioural skills and soft skills management. We strongly believe that our employees deserve the right amount of compensation and designation recognition to help them deliver the best.

We hold bi-annual reviews to gauge the expectations of our employees and help them grow as professionals. Successive Software looks forward to hire the best talent in the industry and provide them with opportunities to grow together.

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