Zend Framework for modern, high-performing PHP applications

Zend Framework is an open source PHP based framework created by the Zend Company. The Zend Framework is built on the MVC principles and contains numerous libraries that are useful for building applications. At Successive Softwares we extensively work on multiple projects that are delivered using the Zend Framework of building applications.Globally Zend Framework has […]


A question that crosses the mind of many developers and small sized companies is which language it going to be in demand in the near future? The intent of this article is not to answer this question but to specifically explore the platforms from the Microsoft stable. Over the years the technology has evolved and […]

E-Commerce: Technology Trends that will be changing the Industry

In the last 5 years the dynamics of retailing has completely evolved and we are observing a global phenomenon of increased E-Commerce activity. With the increased penetration of internet across global market companies are trying new and innovative techniques to capture a pie of the increasing market size. Technology is playing a very important role […]

Importance of Google Maps to any Business

Lost on the road seeking the right directions, finding the right restaurants to dine at or finding at businesses you want to work with – well all of this was a mammoth task a few years back. Things have however changed for the better with smart applications like Google Maps that have now become an […]

Endorsing web scraping

With more than 200 projects delivered, we stand firmly for new challenges every day. We have served above 60 clients and have won 86% of repeat business, as our main core is customer delight. Successive Softwares was approached by a client having a very exclusive set of requirements. For their project they required customised data […]

M-Commerce: The way forward?

Back in 1991 e-commerce turned up as a choice in the commercial use of internet, but people first tried it with IRCTC in 2002. IRCTC allowed booking of train tickets with IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation System. With its great success every one noticed the capacity of e-commerce in India. Since then it has been effortless […]

SaaS and Cloud – Speeding Innovation

Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities spontaneously without investing in new infrastructure, training new resources, or licensing new software. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that, in real time over the Internet, extending existing IT capabilities.SaaS(Software as […]

Case Study : Wild Africa Live is used by travellers globally for real time sharing of wildlife sightings

Satpack Travel (South Africa) partnered with Successive Software to create a mobile application for the real time sharing of wildlife sightings by the users from their smart phones and tablets. Using Successive Software’s easy to use application design and reengineered offline map, the app secured over 23,000 downloads. Equipped with an innovative approach and latest […]

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  • Posted April 21, 2016

Big Data Becoming REALLY BIG !!

Big Data in today’s business world directly impacts a company’s ability to increase the generation and protection of operating profits and competitive advantage. Companies are beginning to focus on harnessing Big Data but there is a lot of confusion regarding the reasons to do so. In our opinion, learning how to repurpose fragmented data (data […]

Mobile Game Development

Developing a game on mobile is no way simpler than creating the classical computer game. Mobile development companies are well aware of the difficulties faced during the process, them being 3D or 2D graphics, fun element, tight story line, the competition and many others. With smart phones in reach of almost everyone – A game […]