Big Data Becoming REALLY BIG !!

  • April 21, 2016
  • Successive
  • Big Data

Big Data in today’s business world directly impacts a company’s ability to increase the generation and protection of operating profits and competitive advantage. Companies are beginning to focus on harnessing Big Data but there is a lot of confusion regarding the reasons to do so. In our opinion, learning how to repurpose fragmented data (data that is captured within and outside of your supply chain operation) into actionable insights will be the key to innovation and future success. It has been suggested by the industry bellwethers that the processing power of the cloud coupled with Big Data best practices will create disruptive solutions to the status quo.

Successive Software is working with its clients to create industry disruption solutions in Big Data to tap important market insights. The focus will be on the customer experience and service personalization in the new business scenario. Companies don’t just look forward to managing traffic, but to manage the user experience. Improved network performance can increase adoption, so use technology to enhance user experience and build brand value. Leveraging network insights to protect, improve and monetize the subscriber experience is something which large Internet companies are looking to target. Applying analytics to the mountains of data will be critical to gleaning meaningful information that will transform service provider operations in 2015 and will be the new mantra.

Successive Software has found interesting data points related to the high amount of data that is being generated in this new millennium.

Some of the highlights include:

1.) 2.5 Quintillion Bytes of data is created every day (quintillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes)

2.) The percentage of the internet population that watches Online Video is 87 percent in Brazil, 86 percent in Argentina, 86 percent in Colombia, 82 percent in Chile and 82 percent in Mexico.

3.) Multi-device users consume 23% more content.

4.) While smartphones are always on, PCs dominate work hours and tablets rule the home.


The writing is on the wall. If you have to reach out to your customers and do business more closely you have to increase the reach of your client. With the large chunk of data being created every day, it becomes imperative for today’s business to have a meaningful analysis at hand to target the consumers better. Successive Software looks forward to partner with you in this goal and helps you serve your customers better.


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