About Us

Successive Software’s mission is to resolve challenging technical problems with partnering with its clientele. At Successive Software, we understand the business requirements of our clients and how technology could be applied as a tool for making their businesses more profitable.

Successive Software is a global consulting and IT services company formed in early 2010 and is predominantly respected across various domains including ERP/SaaS solutions, Google Map applications, GPS/GIS applications, Custom Solution Implementation, E-commerce solutions and Mobile based development.

Successive Software comprises of talented, highly-qualified and innovative developers with experience and expertise in specific areas. With more than six years of domain expertise, we have built up significant expertise in a range of sectors: private and public, business and consumer focused. We apply a variety of assessment & research techniques, placing the end-user at the center of every design process, ensuring our prized customers find the best experience from the final product.

We have facilitated businesses stretching from small owner-managed businesses through to big public establishments. We not just develop applications and walk away – we provide end-to-end services for our customer for fully supporting their businesses. We offer consultancy for aligning technology with a business plan and support your constant development needs.

Our Differentiators
are our unique value

Portfolio Gamut : Our work ranges from mobile applications on all major platforms — iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Windows — to developing ERP- and SaaS-based solutions to Google Maps applications to GPS/GIS applications.

Huge Geographical Coverage : We’ve delivered to clients in 11 countries, including US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, India and Middle East

Delivering Business Impact : We have delivered a business impact of more than $1 million to our clients all over the world using our IMPART framework.

100+ Projects Delivered : We have successfully delivered more than 100 projects for over 150 clients in the last 5 years